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from a dream to reality...

As the energy behind In-City Remedies I learned about using herbal medicines from my parents. When I was young they would use herbs to treat me when I was sick. I grew up in the woods of southern Wisconsin and learned to love and appreciate our connection to the environment early on. Living and loving the lush natural environment of the Pacific Northwest for over three decades has afforded me time to hone my craft.  As the images of my youth hold my energy as a small child, I infuse my spirit in all of my products. In-City Remedies is committed to sustainable agriculture.  As much as possible products include ingredients grown at In-City Farm, locally sourced, or ethically wildcrafted. Small batches ensure quality and integrity. I am always available for consultations.  Learn More


I hope you enjoy your purchase, 

Sandy Pernitz In-City Remedies

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