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Locally Grown:

Items for use in these products are grown at In-City Farm, ethically wildcrafted, or sourced as locally as we can.  When environment and soil conditions are right we grow our own herbs for use in our products.  We believe that people respond best to herbs that are grown where they live.


Harvesting Practices:

When certified organic products are not available we use only wild gathered material that is harvested in a sound and sustainable manner or materials that are cultivated without chemicals.



We make all of our products fresh in small batches, many times when order is placed.  Salves, lotions, soaks and teas should be used within a year to retain freshness and strength of herbs.



Everyone is different.  Always start with a small amount to test your reaction.  As with any product used, topically or internally, individuals can have negative responses, if this happens discontinue use immediately.


discover the difference nature makes

Locally grown and wildcrafted


“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” -John Muir



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