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Especially formulated to be safe for cats and dogs.  Useful for all skin wounds and irritations that happen to your pets. Try it on flaky itchy skin, hotspots, cuts, and sores.  

Pet All Purpose Salve 1.75 oz

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  • Ingredients: Oils: organic olive, coconut, and neem. Other: beeswax, glycerin, shea butter Herbs: *calendula, *comfrey, oats, *rose hips, frankincense, *dandelion, *red clover, *burdock, *nettles, marshmallow, *st johns wort, *yarrow, *oregano, chickweed, *lavender, *mullein, *mugwort. Essential Oils: frankincense, lavender, rosemary, cardamon, bergamot, coriander, vanilla.
    *Grown by In-City Remedies without herbicides and pesticides
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