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Salves and Lotions

Herbal Soaks & Poultices

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Salves and Lotions for pets, children, and adults
*Useful in many ways: wounds, tattoo's, itchy and irritated skin, diaper rash, trauma such as burns, bruises, scrapes, ulcers, blisters, scar tissue, dermatitis, psoriasis, chapped lips, sunburns, dry, mature or weathered skin, rashes, bug bites, hemorrhoids, mild infections, etc.

*Useful on many parts: elbows, hands, face, lips, paws, personal parts, etc.

Suggested Use
Small amounts of salve should be warmed in hands and worked into effected areas.  Lotions: Apply as much as needed to sooth skin.  No artificial preservatives, store in cool dry dark place. Discontinue use if any signs of irritation occurs and consult physician if problem consists.


Soaks, Washes & Poultices
*Use on extremities to speed up healing. Soaks are used for soft tissue tension/spasm that are restricting normal movement and severe sprains. Washes are used to treat, sooth and clean affected areas of your whole body.  Poultices increase blood flow, relax tense muscles, sooth inflamed tissues, or draw toxins from an infected area. If skin irritation, itch or rash occurs stop use immediately.  Never use heat with poultices it can burn the skin.

Suggested Use:
Herbal Soaks-Follow directions provided. Combine herb package with water.  Add vinegar or alcohol to water to enhance or change affects.  Soak for 15-20 minutes.  Once made will last 7-10 days.
Herbal Poultices-Follow directions provided. Add 1 package of finely powdered herbs to a medium.  Choose from vaseline, egg whites, or green tea. Use cloth “bandage” provided.  Never use added heat and remove immediately if irritation, itch or rash occurs.


*This information has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease of any kind.  Herbs have been used for centuries for health maintenance (healing) still they must be used with knowledge and respect



Only the purest ingredients facilitate healing

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