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Moving Forward

I just started my annual monthly vacation after visiting Denver for the American Community Gardening Association conference (I am on the board of directors) for work. My "real" job is working with community gardeners here in Seattle. It is always inspiring to see all the great community building work people are doing with plants. Plants and people are intertwined on so many levels and our connection with them is part of our stories around culture. Saw a great presentation on fermention at the conference, getting back to our roots with food. Will be doing some exploration with fermentation and food as medicine while on vacation.

Now that I am back home I am spending some time working on growing my business. It is amazing to me all the little details you have to work out to start a business. Some accomplishments in this detail arena are website, business cards, printed (greener) labels, and setting up a way to take orders. On the product front, I have worked on perfecting recipes and am about to embark on adding herbal soak choices. I hope to have them complete for MannetteFest happening here in Bremerton on September 12. I will be doing my first booth and looking forward to what that might bring to my life and new emerging business, stop by if your in the hood. Thank you for coming on this journey with me.

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